Exploring the theme of Fate’s adversarial role in a relationship, how destiny, if you believe in such a thing, plays an important role in how our lives turn out. It’s an exciting challenge solving the puzzle of how we are able to communicate such a personal, and yet universally experienced, stage in life.


A poem by Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj

Tell me, tell me, where is it? How can I find you?

And we hear the cries:

…the last song is for you;

I say to you my last

desperate word without a cry,

endless sea like my pain.

This mad love of mine,

And the rush, and the thirst,

Were in vain.

This is it, this is it, this is the truth.

Ditemi, ditemi, dov’è? Come posso trovarla?

E l’udiamo gridare:

…, l’ ultimo canto è per te;

dico a te l’ ultima mia

parola disperata senza pianto,

mare infinito come il mio dolore.

Questo mio folle amore,

e l’impeto, e la sete,

furono vani.

È questa, è questa, è questa la verità.

Directed and edited by: Rob Bell

Production: Elisa Messi & Flavio Carlotti

Photographer: Daniel Housley

Cast: Marina Meinero, Lorena Sheriff, Jan Tononi

Composer: Flavio Carlotti
Mix & Master: Jimmy Priest by Unreal Sound Studio

Fashion Stylist: Elisa Messi

Hair & Make-Up: Laura Fabbris

Sculptors: Ascanio Maria Bolzonella, Laura Fabbris

Voiceover Artist: Marina Meinero

Countertenor and Tenor: Mario Tardini

Backstage Photographer: Nicola Sturm

Produced by 1190 Productions

Featuring designs from

Concepción Miranda from Marc Juan Comunicación

Jan Tononi


Giacomo Pinton

Vintage Frederick Starke from the Candymoss Archive

Giselle Matamala from Marc Juan Comunicación

Elena Feng

Najjat Harb from Marc Juan Comunicación

Elisa Messi

Laura Fabbris

Watch the audience feedback below.

“Forever Bound really does capture the feeling of being bound to another person”


“I think those Mythic resonances kind of give the film a Timeless feeling… and they also have the statue version of them which reinforces the idea of eternity ”


“Really gorgeous imagery”


“The visuals on this were so stunning, I mean the cinematography and the camera work was so creative, it was really really enjoyable to watch”


“Very fashionable costumes”


“A very well done production and a really interesting experimental short with a beautiful and, at times angry and other times peaceful,  music”


“Quite deep and poetic”

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