A Mini Series Project by 1190 Productions

Forever Bound

Proof of Concept

Multi-Award Winning & Multi-Selected Short Film

For Forever Bound, we wanted to explore the theme of Fate’s adversarial role in a relationship, how destiny, if you believe in such a thing, plays an important role in how our lives turn out. It’s an exciting challenge solving the puzzle of how we are able to communicate such a personal, and yet universally experienced, stage in life. Our aim is that through both action and costume we will be able to artistically portray the inception of a separating thought, consequent tensions, and ultimately the final relief and acceptance of such a painful truth.

Watch Forever Bound Below

Human Pillars

The Mini Series

The series will consist of five episodes, starting with Forever Bound as the Proof of Concept. Each will be stand-alone, although all episodes will be connected by an invisible thread that will be a reimagined depiction of universal mythological-inspired pillars of human life, such as Love, Death, Hope, and more.