Elisa Messi

Flavio Carlotti


1190 Productions is an evolving collective founded in 2022 based in London and Milan, whose goal is to tell stories with a meaning through images and videos while bringing together the works and ideas of emerging and independent artists, exploring the different aspects of human life and nature.



Dreamer of September, published by Lo’Ammi magazine, was the collective’s first project. Created in collaboration with Director Luke Annett, Photographer Daniel Housley and Make-Up Artist Carolina Sforza, it depicts a journey from late summer into the dark of winter, embracing and honouring the life force of each season. With a distinct and romantic appreciation of nature, it featured jewellery and apparel designs from Elisa Messi’s Dead Ocean Economy Collection whilst props and vintage clothing were featured pieces from the Candymoss archive. The score was an original piece created by Flavio Carlotti.



Ula is the second shoot produced by the collective in April 2022 and published by Flanelle magazine. Filmed in Sandbanks, Poole (UK), Ula, is an appreciation of the abundance and jewels that nature offers. Capturing the surroundings of the location, the shoot featured decidedly raw and natural textures by designers Elisa Messi, Morgan Sinclair Designs, and Blenxcode, along with jewelry by Jessica Jue and Etta Gray and props by Candymoss.



The collective’s third project, winner of Best Fashion Film at the Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival in Los Angeles, is Forever Bound. Shot on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy, in September 2022, it tells the story of two young lovers whose relationship is torn apart by the realities of life and fate. For this project, the 1190 Team worked closely with Director Rob Bell for the shooting of the short film, and closely collaborated with sculptors Ascanio Maria Bolzonella and Laura Fabbris to create a custom made statue especially created for this project.


Our goal is to use our means to talk about stories with a meaning, exploring different aspects of the human life and nature.


To help us tell these stories, we wish to use the art that we have at our disposal, always conveying a deep meaning to the viewer, and leaving them something to reflect on after seeing our work. Each story is different, and each story has its own open interpretation.


Emerging talents within the creative fields are our priority. Be it fashion, make-up, video making, or editing, we wish to use our work as a platform for artists to showcase their work and skills. As a matter of fact, we are always hunting for artists from different sectors as we are happy to include their work with our work, building a community of creatives helping one another.



Last but not least, we firmly believe that Nature itself is a form of art, and this is the reason behind our constant choice of beautiful natural locations for our photoshoots and short films.